Bodybuilder gay dating

And it appears their relationship, based on respect and love, will endure long after their careers are over, at least if what Dayana told me recently is correct.You have read the message boards and snippets here and there.Right now, we are just taking it day-by-day and step-by-step, making each other happy.Also Kai is new in the pro ranks and I want him to take all the opportunities he can to succeed and I'll be patient by supporting him.He is a good and loving family man and has been working with Kai for a while. He teaches me how to be creative and to not be afraid to express myself.I always listen to him carefully because everything he teaches me makes sense - he has so much talent it is unbelievable.Bodybuilding is not an easy sport and relationships are often sacrificed at the expense of achieving one's best shape and higher placements.

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I sought some real answers on this most interesting alliance from one half of the bodybuilding super couple: the former Ms. Over recent decades, professional bodybuilding and fitness has had several high profile couples and most, it appears, were on shaky ground throughout, and ultimately did not last.

Olympia, but of course Iris is my main competition.

You have to remember David it did happen a couple times, where I should have beat Iris; everybody knows and saw that!

Because our love is stronger than anything, and yes we have a lot of plans - he lives in NYC and I live in Florida right now and we travel to spend time together as much as we can.

We are thinking of moving together in Florida by the end of the year.

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