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Because the bootdisk is an independent disk, it will not be snapshotted at all (thus not impacted during the test). In the first test the delay between IOPS was set at 25 [ms], during the second test the delay was set to 0 [ms].For both tests these workers were used: How VMware snapshotting works VMware has chosen to do its snapshotting exactly opposite to the way most SAN vendors perform snapshots.

Test results: Overall read/write performance during snapshotting The first test turned out to perform just about 32 ROPS and 32 WOPS simultaneously, not saturating the RAID1 mirrorset of 10K SAS disks at all.Note that the VM configs were also placed on local storage.This setup creates the situation that the measured disk lies on local storage, and the snapshot is also created there (without fiddling with custom lines in the *file).After the big snapshot file is gone, only a very small snapshot file remains.Now we get closer to track-to-track seeks (almost sequential IO patterns) which have a smaller head seek time, thus increasing the number of IOPS the disks deliver (for more info on this read Throughput part 1: The Basics).

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