Dynamics ax updating number sequence

The purpose of number sequence framework is to provide user-friendly, unique identifies while maintaining a continuous or non-continuous alpha numeric sequence.A master data or transaction record that requires an identifier is referred to as a reference.AX 2012 Wizard creates number sequences which contain the company and a dash e.g. This adds 5 characters to every number sequence, which is not always desirable.The following job removes the company and/or the dash from all number sequences and improves the naming of the number sequences.

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Number Sequencing is a very significant feature required in an ERP system or any system where you have too many records and they should be uniquely identified.

After finishing this task the continuous numbers were working again like a charm.

The link to the Microsoft support blog gives you very good information how to modify the existing stored procedure. Please don’t ask me why this stored procedure was missing as we have not found the cause.

When started debugging we quickly found the method where the next number was not retrieved.

Interesting is that this method did not return any value in this environment, but it did in other environments. Then I remembered that some business logic is now build into stored procedures in the SQL database.

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