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The library you see on your Apple gadget is dependent on how much available storage is left on your device.If it's running low, Photos will replace full-resolution images with smaller files – beginning with the oldest photos in the library.Edits are also synced across Apple devices, which means if you brighten a photo, or shorten a video clip on your i Pad, the latest version will be available to view on your i Phone and Mac.Changes are non-destructive and can be undone on any of your i Cloud Photo Library enabled devices.Other apps prone to hog your storage are heavyweight games, like Grand Theft Auto and Infinity Blade.The i Phone usage statistics also reveals that Downcast – which is just 13.6MB upon initial download from the App Store – has swelled to 5.1GB in size.Any cloud-based libraries will sync photographs and videos across your devices, including Mac computers, i Phone, i Pads and i

Hundreds of enraged users flooded Twitter earlier this year when Apple revealed its latest i OS update required some 6GB of free space to install.The additional 5GB of storage can be accounted for by more than a year's worth of podcast episodes, downloaded for offline listening.Tapping on the apps reveals how much of the used storage is being taken up by the app's 'Documents and Data'.The camera does this by taking three separate images – all at different exposures – and stitching together the results.It can be incredibly effective in low-light, or any situations with particularly harsh shadows.

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