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For example, when police and the public are asked if the country has made the changes needed to give blacks equal rights with whites, fully eight-in-ten police officers – including 92% of white officers but only 29% of black officers – say the necessary changes have been made.By contrast, about half (48%) of the public, including 57% of whites but only 12% of blacks, says the country has made the changes needed for blacks to have equal rights with whites.

Only 4% favor a smaller force, while 59% prefer the current level of policing.By Rich Morin, Kim Parker, Renee Stepler and Andrew Mercer Police and the public hold sharply different views about key aspects of policing as well as on some major policy issues facing the country.For example, most police say more officers are needed to adequately patrol their communities, while the majority of the public doesn’t think more officers are necessary.By contrast, fully 86% of the police say the public does not fully comprehend the trials that officers face – including 40% who say Americans don’t understand well at all the risks and challenges of police work.Another survey finding provides a striking example of an apparent disconnect between what the public thinks police work is like and the reality of law enforcement.

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