Warrick brown dating catherine willows fanfiction

Whoever the disapproving party is has to be someone that Warrick or Gil is very close to (please don't make it Nick or Brass).

They have to have had a profound influence over the man (like Warrick's Grandmother or Gil's mother) so it isn't easy to write them off as unimportant. Catherine was married for a short time before she met Eddie, to Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

In the end, Gil or Warrick must decide if they are willing to let go of one loved one for the sake of another. Overlapping cases bring the MCRT to Vegas, and Gibbs back into Catherine's life.

Slowly over time the three become their own little family.I love that he always wins in the end, but nobody is perfect and something bad has to happen to him at some point in his life. Will Warrick admit what he's been up to before Gil confronts him with the truth? A work of fiction containing a series of late night phone calls or rather confessions between two of the most prolific criminalists in the United States, after their shifts are over.I want to see raw humanity in Mac and I want him to grow not as a character in the show, but as if he were a real person in real life. Warrick and Gil have been together for however many years you choose (at least 2 yrs) and Gil begins to suspect that Warrick is cheating on him. It should contain the beginnings of their relationship, to them falling in love and finally meeting in person.Still wanting to do good, to protect and serve, he joins the NYPD and becomes a CSI. Years later a case that Nick is working on is found to have ties back to Vegas which means he has to go back there.How does this change effect his career and what role does it play in his relationship with Mac? Not really wanting to go Nick has no choice but to go back to see old friends and the woman who broke his heart.

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