Who does idris elba dating

In Series 3 Episode 2, DCU George Stark points toward Luther's rack of clothes - consisting of multiple grey shirts and jackets - and remarks, "Look at this. " Implying that Luther's choice of attire is telling and perhaps indicative of his personality.

While they were both in university, Zoe met, began sleeping with, and eventually married John.

This battle in the moral grey area will become a characteristic affliction for Luther.

Idris Elba said of his character: "You know when you watch the news and someone has killed their children?

However, after obtaining the intel, Luther allows him to fall and at once both regrets and affirms the decision.He is dazzling, obsessive, possessed - and sometimes dangerous in the violence of his fixations and when he becomes agitated.But Luther has paid a heavy price for his dedication; he has recently suffered a mental breakdown following the traumatic investigation into child serial killer Henry Madsen.Their marriage began to crumble due to Luther's obsession with his job.It completely ended when Zoe began an affair with Mark North. Although not dating, Alice and Luther have worked together ever since the death of Luther's wife.

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